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Summer Beauty Swaps

The warm weather arrives. You change your wardrobe, your coffee order, possibly even your hair color—but are you remembering to make the necessary swaps in your beauty routine?

Unfortunately, the products that keep our hair thriving through the long, cold winter don’t always produce the same results come summertime. A lucky few may be able to hang on to their…

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Pinterest Debunked: Beauty Tricks You Should NOT Try At Home

Pinterest, one of our very favorite ways to fill a lazy afternoon or lunch break, is brimming with DIY home remedies for achieving glowing skin and healthy hair. Some of these tips are fantastic and land themselves on our own beauty boards—but some of them have sent us running to the comment section, frantic to implore that anyone and everyone reading

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Mane Stage: 3 Easy Festival Hair Looks You'll Love

Nowhere is spring more lovely than in southern Louisiana. The air smells like jasmine, the evenings are long, sunshine-filled, and not barbarically hot, and weekends are most likely spent by the water with crawfish and Abita Strawberry.

Nothing captures the spirit of this season quite like the abundance of festivals on the horizon.

If you’re…

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