Two products, three days of no-wash style

Aveda Dry Shampoo and Conditioner

Interested in Aveda dry shampoo and conditioner? We’ve got just what you need. Whether you’re a morning or an evening shower person, the shampoo struggle is real. Mornings can be too hectic for the time-intensive process of brushing, shampooing, conditioning, applying product and styling hair. And in the evenings, who can resist the lure of Netflix? The daily washing routine can be a drag… and let’s face it, those long showers required for a rinse and repeat aren’t exactly Earth-friendly.

That’s why Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo and Thermal Dry Conditioner have become two of our favorite products. In addition to allowing you to go longer between washes, you’ll save time and resources—and protect your hair from the wear and tear of daily heat styling. Ask the Paris Parker Salon & Spa experts if you are ready to take your look to the next level. We have a variety of top-rated Aveda products in the store. Contact us now to ask any questions. 1.877.TRU.GIFT

“I go a week between shampoos because washing every day can actually be harmful to your hair—especially if someone has fine, brittle or damaged hair,” says stylist Courtney Bradberry.”I never wear my hair for the same two days in a row.”

Courtney has an array of tricks up her sleeve for maximizing a shampoo. Plus, some of these styles are so cute, no one will guess they’re expert ways to maximize a no-wash day. Read on for the full scoop.

Shampure Dry Shampoo and Thermal Dry Conditioner

Source: Paris Parker

Day One: Start with a solid foundation

On the first day, you wash, start with a good, thorough shampoo and blowout. Not only does this give a good base style, it also deters oiliness from setting in too soon.

“I give my scalp a good scrub and scalp massage, then I blow-dry the first few inches of my roots to lift them up and off the scalp,” Courtney says. “This way, it doesn’t get too oily. I also put a volumizing spray at the roots.”

Day two: Add some curl to your hair

To reclaim yesterday’s texture, start by brushing your hair out to remove any snarls. Next, spritz roots with dry shampoo and massage it in for volume, hold—and the heavenly Shampure aroma.

Courtney wears her hair big and fuzzy on shampoo days, and transitions to a wavy style on day two. “I usually curl it on day two,” she says.

Next, mist the mid-shafts and ends with Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner. Its organic jojoba and sunflower oil instantly condition hair, while detangling and protecting the shafts from heat styling. Section hair into four parts, then curl each with a barrel iron. Lightly tug the curls to loosen them, and voila—you’re left with long, loose waves.


Source: Paris Parker

Day two: High topknot with Aveda Dry conditioner and shampoo 

This style is great for the second no-wash day because unwashed hair has more grip and is less likely to slip out of the topknot. “I either wear my hair in a bun or half up on day three,” Courtney says.

To start, repeat yesterday’s process of massaging Shampure Dry Shampoo into hair’s roots, then brushing hair thoroughly to remove any lingering build-up. Lightly spray Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner onto ends. Using a paddle brush, sweep hair upwards at an angle that is consistent with the angle of your cheekbones (you can hold the brush parallel with your cheekbones to see where you should position the braid). Secure with a clear elastic.

Now it’s time to twist. Grab the ponytail at its ends and begin twisting until it twists in on itself. Coil the hair around itself at the base of the ponytail and secure by pulling an elastic over the top. Add bobby pins if needed, then mist hair with Air Control Light Hold Spray to control baby hairs and flyaways.

Day three: Throw on a hair cap or hit the shower

On day three, Courtney either does a wet look, combing through a gel or wears a favorite hat. Although many people can go longer than three days between shampoos, some will feel ready for a shower at this point. The Aveda Dry Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect set of hair products that will give you the flawless look you have always wanted!

“Everyone feels like they should shampoo, but if you don’t feel like you have oil or dirt on your hair, there’s no reason to,” Courtney says. “Anything doing with hair should be as unique as a prescription—it’s whatever works for you.”

If you’re ready to shampoo by this point, though, use a deep-cleansing product that targets scalp buildup, like Aveda’s Pramasana line. The three-step system purifies and nourishes the scalp while increasing microcirculation. You’ll start by exfoliating with a special Pramasana Exfoliating Scalp Brush, then cleanse with tamanu oil-rich scalp cleanser and finish with a scalp concentrate.

The ritual is incredibly soothing and indulgent—because when you only have to wash your hair two or three times a week, you can really make each one count. And yes, you can totally use non-wash days as an excuse to sleep in… or Netflix binge.

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