Thinking Outside The Lines: The Concept Collection

Line (n.): an identifiable path created by a point moving in space. One-dimensional and can vary in width, direction and length.

It’s no secret—we’re not ones to think inside the box. Chris Guidry, Hair Design Education Director for our Prytania location, isn’t either—and had an idea brewing atypical of some of our previous photo shoots. Of course, we let him work his magic, and the finished product produced these glossy, avant-garde vibes that we definitely weren’t prepared for. (But can’t get enough of.)


“I look at traditional designers and architects and think about the lines, shapes, colors, forms, textures, patterns,” Chris says. “There are so many elements that go into art and design. I thought about how the whole world follows these principles and what it would look like if we did, too. I explored horizontal, diagonal, curved and vertical lines and broke the haircuts and color down into those rules. I’m ecstatic with the results.”


To create the looks, Chris and his team kept a minimalist approach in terms of products—with a simple combination of Air Control spritzes and water.

“I didn’t want the focus to be on the hair,” he says. “The focus should be on the fabric and lines. Everything was very natural.”

The 13 images collectively experiment with curves, lines and shapes, challenging the status quo in the otherwise black and white beauty industry. Deep royal blue hues pair with sharp lines and slick, symmetrical braids—upping the ante on creative direction unlike anything we’ve seen before.

“I want individuals to see the world around them and talk about it. I want to challenge the traditional status quo and prompt change. I’m hoping this collection changes the way we see things—or at least gets us thinking about things differently.”

To see the full collection, check out Paris Parker on Instagram.