Summer Beauty Trends Secrets

The Best Baton Rouge Hair Salon Gives You The Scoop On The Top Summer Beauty Trends

The best hair salon Baton Rouge experts give you the secrets to the summer beauty trends to come. If there’s one overarching beauty buzzword for 2016 that’s heard time and again, it’s this: Doable.

From the “fresh-faced glow” to “just-out-of-the-pool hair,” this year’s summer beauty trends are all about effortless-looking styles that really don’t require much effort. Ditching the blow-dryers and the contouring makeup til September is the name of the game — and a pretty welcome game it is, to us the best hair salon Baton Rouge pros.

Such effortlessness became the focus of our “Livin’ is Easy” Summer 2016 Lookbook. Relaxed elegance. Carefree chic. Attainable style — even in the face of steamy days and sultry nights. Approachability: as in, maybe you don’t own the stunning Garden District mansion where this particular photoshoot took place — but you can look like you belong there.

“We wanted to convey a realized lifestyle that had a bit of laid-back class to it,” says Tatum Neill, Hair Design Specialist at Paris Parker and the lead stylist for the shoot. “We wanted a softness to it. It’s summertime, so what better place to be than the pool?”

Hair Styling

To that end, Tatum styled the models’ hair as any one of us would (and could) style our own: working Aveda products for frizz-busting and hold into damp hair, then twisting hair into braids or buns to dry overnight. “We wanted the natural beachy look — what your hair would look like if you were at the beach all day,” Tatum says. There are many ways to improve your look this summer and every season. Make sure to follow the best hair salon Baton Rouge experts for the latest trends.

“We loaded them up with Smooth Infusion Styling Crème and Confixor, we braided them, and let it sit overnight until it dried.” The result — hair that’s intentionally pretty but decidedly not perfect. “Texture is in,” he confirms. “Natural is in.”



The accompanying makeup is soft, clean and fresh with an occasional bright lip or dramatic eye in intense earth tones. As with the hair, the makeup for this shoot aspires to look natural, yet intentional. You can get an expert to do your makeup at one of the best hair salon Baton Rouge locations.

Though the models had master makeup artist Leslie Claverie at their disposal, we mere mortals can conjure up the look ourselves with a few key power products. Namely, from Aveda’s Inner Light makeup line: Mineral Tinted Moisture to even skin tone and provide SPF 15 coverage, and Mineral Loose Powder to curb shine. Pick a lip shade in a bright color (may we recommend Cherry Nectar Rehydrating Lip Glaze) and that’s it … you’re good to go for daytime. (For night, play up eyes with deep earth tones.)


As far as low-maintenance hairstyling, never forget the golden rule: “Whatever position your hair is in when it goes from wet to dry, is how it’s going to be when it dries,” Tatum says. “After that, it becomes difficult to fix. Especially with curly hair, the more you touch it during the drying process, the more out-of-control it gets.

“A lot of people touch their hair unconsciously. If that’s you, put up your wet hair how you want it, then pin the front portion out of your eyes with a bob pin. It reminds you not to touch it until it’s dry.”

Which brings us to the most important rule in pulling off your own personal style story this summer: Work with your hair, not against it. And that, says Tatum, takes the right products. “The only way to control it is to put a lot of product into it.” If it curls, load up with moisture. If it goes limp, load up with a thickening agent.

After all: “your hair is going to do what it wants to do. Just go with it.”

Which is pretty much the best beauty advice ever.


Contributing to our Lookbook’s relaxed chic vibe were pretty, polished and unfussy resortwear pieces provided by Lennox + Lane, LuLu’s, and Diane’s. Hats, sunglasses, jewelry and other summer accoutrements were courtesy of Krewe du Optic, Sotre, El Merchante, Hattie Sparks, SoPo and Goorin Bros.

Photography: Augusta Sagnelli; Creative Direction: Elizabeth Perrin; Hair Styling: Tatum Neill, Chris Guidry; Makeup: Leslie Claverie; Beauty & Hair Products: Aveda; Styling: Andi Eaton; Props: Ashley O’Neill; Models: Annelise, Kimberly, Megan, represented by FiftyTwo45.