Summer Hair Hacks for Sizzling Months with a Hair Stylist in Baton Rouge

A Hair Stylist in Baton Rouge Gives You Summer Hair Hacks

The warm weather arrives. You change your wardrobe, your coffee order, possibly even your hair color—but are you remembering to make the necessary swaps in your summer beauty routine? Get the inside scoop on the top summer hair hacks with an expert hair stylist in Baton Rouge. Follow along with Paris Parker.

Unfortunately, the products that keep our hair thriving through the long, cold winter don’t always produce the same results come summertime. A lucky few may be able to hang on to their old faithfuls, but most of us will find that the host of summer beauty woes that come into our life each May means what felt so right curled up in a cashmere throw by the fire is just plain wrong when you’re relaxing by the beach.

Let’s call it a summer fling, hair style. Read on to find out what products you should introduce to your arsenal to solve these common summer beauty woes.

Keep Your Hair Color Intact

In a perfect world, a week at the beach would leave you with a wash of sun-kissed color and perfectly placed highlights. For some, this may be a reality, but most of us turn to our fail-safe colorists to perfectly replicate the effect. Protecting the result is more important than ever in the summer months.

To avoid spoiling your flawless color, use a protectant such as Aveda Color Conserve Daily Color Protect. This product does triple duty, with larch tree to seal in color, antioxidants to protect against environmental stressors, and a blend of wintergreen and cinnamon oil to protect from UVA/UVB damage. If you’re going to the beach, add Sun Care Protective Hair Veil—it’s water resistant and long-lasting.

Beat the Humidity-Induced Frizz

Whether your hair is coarse and curly or straight and flat, you likely begin loathing the humidity each year like clockwork. There’s only so much you can do when faced with the unbeatable force that is southern Louisiana humidity, but Paris Parker stylist Sarah Parvedeh has a tried and tested trick for fighting back as best you can.

“Nothing totally protects,” says Sarah, “but I’ve found that if your moisturize the hair before it is exposed to moisture in the air, it’s a lot less likely to reach out for the moisture, causing frizz. I like Dry Remedy Oil and Light Elements Serum finished off with Air Control.

Stop Hair Breakage in Its Tracks

Sunshine and water are the makings for a great summer day—but they’re also the source of the seeming abundance of split ends and brittle texture that hit this time of year. Because scarecrows are really more appropriate for fall, it’s imperative that you take action to prevent straw-like summer texture.

Your best bet is a daily leave-in conditioner – try Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair. This powerhouse product repairs damage by up to 26%, protects from heat styling, and helps detangle. And did we mention the delicious scent?

Quell Your Green Hair Fears

If you have light-colored hair and are no stranger to the pool, you’ve probably experienced the trauma of watching your cherished golden strands slowly adopt an unappealing—and uninvited—green hue as the summer wears on. While the word on the street is generally that chlorine is the responsible party, it’s actually the copper in the water that makes you look like a St. Patty’s celebration gone wrong (and way too long).

Fortunately, this dilemma is avoidable. Before hopping in the pool, wet your hair and smooth a touch of conditioner throughout. Don’t stay in the pool for more than a few hours, and as soon you’re done, rinse with Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser. It’s color-safe and will gently but effectively remove buildup—of excess product and of swimming pool gunk.

Keep Your Blowout Looking Fabulous

We’ve all been there. You prep and primp for a fun night out, only to watch your ‘do fall flat as soon as you step out the front door. The volume you worked so hard for has vanished, your flyaways are out of control, and it seems that the fresh and clean feel is gone within a matter of hours. Have no fear—our own Raina Twiggs is here to rescue your look. Her advice:

  1. Prep with Pure Abundance Style Prep.
  2. Use a tacky gel – we love Aveda’s Brilliant Retexturing Gel (instead of an oil-based one) –to help the hair feel cleaner longer.
  3. Finish with Air Control or Light Elements to tame flyaways.

Always remember: hands off! Introducing the oil on your skin to the product in your hair often leads to that volume-killing, unwashed-hair film.

Voila. The only concerns on your mind should now be tracking down the perfect summer sundress, seeking out the nearest pool, and experimenting with the latest popsicle recipes. You’re welcome. Visit one of the Paris Parker locations today. Ask about our deals and promotions.