Paris Parker Natural Hair Colorist Kayla Chaisson’s Q&A with Cue Magazine

Natural Hair Colorist, Kayla Chaisson’s Q&A Feat. Cue Magazine

CUE’s super informative Q&A with Paris Parker Natural Hair Colorist Kayla Chaisson in “Paris Parker color specialist Kayla Chaisson answers your hair color questions”

Originally seen on and in Cue Magazine Dec, 2015

What are the most popular hair colors right now?

The biggest two are purple and silver in every way: lavender silver, blue silver, white silver. I just did this girl aquamarine — her roots are cobalt, her mid-shafts are midnight blue and she has sky blue on the tips. It’s like something you’d see on Tumblr.

What is the process for going from, say, dark brown hair to blue hair? 

We have a consultation, we go over multiple pictures and I move forward with a test strand. I see how high [the hair] will lift before promising we can create the outcome [the client] is asking for. We decide if it’s doable, and if it’s not, we decide on a medium that will get us a step closer to where we want to be and that is still a beautiful color.

How is this different from using Manic Panic colors or dyes at home? 

This is permanent hair dye. It could last up to eight weeks depending on the strand and hair texture. The hair color I use is called Aveda Jewels of the Earth. I use a scale and weigh the color in grams at the right proportions to get the exact outcome you want.

Why has hair color gotten more outside the box? 

More famous people are rocking the fashion colors, and they have a big influence on the younger generation. A lot of things are becoming more socially accepted, so people are expressing their fun, funky sides. People are more comfortable being themselves and doing something they have always wanted to do.

Is this a trend for younger people or can anyone wear bright hair colors? 

I don’t think there should be a number on any form of self-expression. I have a 50-year-old client who works for a big corporation, and we just put purple peekaboos in her hair. When you have a creative soul, you can pull off anything.

How much does dying hair cost?

 Depending on hair length and desired outcome, the price can get as high as $300, especially if we have to do two processes.

What if you want to dip your toe into the water before committing to a whole head of bright color?

A peekaboo is a way we can give you something fun that you can hide in your (uncolored) hair. It doesn’t fall on the hairline — it is underneath the hair, so it can be hidden or you can make it more apparent when you part or pull back your hair a certain way.

How should you maintain your hair once you go bright?

I suggest any type of color-conserving lines [of shampoo and conditioner]. Doing so will give utmost longevity on the hair color.