Obsessed with Peek a Boo Hair

Peek A Boo Hair Is Trending

The next big thing in hair is coming right from New Orleans. The look? Peek a Boo hair a simple styling tweak originated by the Paris Parker creative team and inspired by high fashion that elevates your daily look while keeping hair secure and out of your way. Functional and beautiful? Of course, we’re all about it.

Here are the top reasons you should try this look!

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1. You’ll be the trendiest of your friends.

Paris Parker Creative Director Michael Baker came up with the concept after noticing visible ears popping up in editorial spreads and among trendsetting circles alike. “There’s a little bit of sexiness to tucking the hair behind the ears,” says Baker. “What’s exciting is that for decades, the ears themselves have been taboo. This generation doesn’t have a problem letting them peak out.” The Peek a Boo ear borrows the nonchalance of tucking your hair behind your ear and imbues it with high-fashion purpose. The Ear Peek A Boo Hair is the perfect way to stand out from everyone who is already rocking this hairstyle! It is a small yet perfect twist that will make you pop out from the crowd!

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2. You have everything you need to pull off this modern hairstyle trend

A complicated, Pinterest-fail-inviting look this is not. “It’s easy enough that anybody can do it,” says Paris Parker hairstylist Chris Guidry. “You don’t need any special styling tools or skills.” Just grab a couple of bobby pins in the shade that matches your hair color and use them to discretely secure your hair behind your ear. Stylist Paul Eastin recommends spritzing light hold hairspray (we recommend Aveda Air Control) onto your fingertips before styling, to give your hair added hold and the bobby pins a bit of grip.

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3. It works with all hair types, textures, and styles

“That’s the cool part about it,” affirms Baker. “It works for anyone and is easy to recreate.” Of course, you’ll need enough hair to actually tuck behind your ears, but consider that your only limitation. Even those with curls can easily accomplish it by styling with Aveda Be Curly Curl Controller to lengthen curls and control volume. Perhaps best of all, unlike many other current trends, the style doesn’t require any permanent change—it simply allows you to try out a different profile than you’re used to.

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4. It’s easy to make it your own

There’s no set formula for creating this look, so feel free to experiment and find out what works best for you. “If you want a lot of drama, then pull a little more hair forward,” says Eastin. “If you want something that’s not quite as dramatic—for daytime, for instance—then just do a soft, fringe-y bit around the face.” If you part on the side, we recommend first attempting on the side that has less hair. For those that part in the center, start with your “good side.” (Everyone has one.) Bottom line? “Keep it simple,” says Guidry. “The look is a more cool girl than a party girl.” Whether you want peek a boo hair or to dye all of it, we have hair stylists ready to help!

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