In All Their Glory: Our New Mural at Paris Parker Prytania

Thomas Merton once said, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” We think we know what he meant—we have been finding ourselves getting lost in the beauty of our new mural by artists Jolean Laborde and Wendell Brunious. We commissioned the mural because we love the local art that makes New Orleans vibrant—and we wanted to bring some of that vibrancy to our Prytania neighborhood. We also wanted the mural to capture the empowerment and self-confidence that comes from a day at the salon, and we could not be happier with the results.

The vivid wall of art is also the perfect subject or background for an Instagram photo, if we do say so ourselves. Next time you visit us, be sure to ask your stylist or a member of our stellar guest care team to snap your “after” photo in front of it!

Photo credit: @hsoulski on Instagram

Photo credit: @hsoulski on Instagram

We faced a minor setback when the mural was vandalized six hours after it was completed, but as we know, New Orleans folks are resilient. It was quickly fixed and coated with a protective paint.

The mural, appropriately titled “In All Their Glory”, sought to capture the energy of Paris Parker, the uniqueness of New Orleans, and the beauty of our guests—and it does just that (and then some). The bold prints and patterns call to mind the creativity of our talented stylists and the amazing work they do in the salon, while the fleur-de-lis and the bold “PRYTANIA” text pay tribute to this city and our little corner of it. The strong female imagery captures the empowerment and confidence of our guests and captures the essence of that post-salon glow.

So stop by Paris Parker Prytania and see the work of art for yourself—and be sure to snap a photo and use #LoveParisParker so we can share in all the glory.