Meet the Parker



You’re not alone if you think of a barbershop as that place on the corner where your dad got the same haircut every four weeks—for decades. There’s nothing wrong with that model. In fact, there’s a lot we love about it. But many men today have moved beyond wanting to simply maintain a consistent standard of deportment. Instead, they’re after a look that feels unique to them.

Now, we have a better way to meet that need: The Parker Barber, the newest member of the Paris Parker family.

Pioneered by Paris Parker Brand Manager Garrison Neill, the idea for The Parker was sparked by the booming interest in men’s hair and grooming. When the right location—a spot on Carondelet in the Ace Hotel block—and then, even more importantly, the right person—Micah Nickens, longtime stylist and friend and new Lead Barber—came into play, Garrison saw the opportunity and seized it.

Evening vibes

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The Parker will retain much of what we love about the original barbershop concept. “It’s not just a barber shop, it’s also a community space—so people will be hanging out just like any other hangout spot,” affirms Garrison. It’s a place where you can go to connect and collaborate with like-minded people. Where you can get a recommendation on pomade from an expert and a friend in the chair. Or, where you can just grab some coffee and catch up.

Of course, it’s also where you can go for an unmatched haircut. In addition to Micah’s leadership, stylists at The Parker are supported by a new barbering curriculum Aveda developed in collaboration with men’s grooming icon Kurt Kueffer. “Education is what grows hairdressers,” says Garrison. Committing to it at a high level means guests can expect the exceptional customer service and strong technical skills that have become increasingly difficult to find in men’s grooming. Getting a great haircut should be easy and enjoyable. And at The Parker, it will be.

The space itself is very much like the business: a study in well-executed contrasts. The old-meets-new aesthetic pairs well with The Parker’s philosophy of bringing together ease and elegance. “I wanted to honor the tradition and the 1920s and 30s apothecary feel, with a modern twist,” says Garrison. “Think of the cleanest dive bar you’ve ever been to.”


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The Parker’s Hammond location is already up and running (adjacent to Paris Parker on Thomas St.), and its New Orleans counterpart will open at 600 Carondelet (Warehouse District) in January 2017. Pop in for a cut—or just to grab a drink. We’d love to make your acquaintance.