Mardi Gras Hair Styles, Costumes, & Makeup Ideas

Mardi Gras Costumes, Hair Styles, & Carnival Makeup

Looking for Mardi Gras hair inspo? Then you are in the right place! Parades, balls, ladders lining the streets, and daily king cake: all sure signs that Carnival season is in full swing. As the saying goes, Mardi Gras is a marathon, not a sprint, so it’s important to get the hydration, nutrition, sleep, and downtime you need to keep the party going. And when it comes to your hair and makeup? Many of the same guidelines apply. This season, it’s crucial to keep your hair and skin nourished, choose creative, long-lasting looks, use the right products—and most of all, have fun! Ahead, a few of our favorite festive hair and makeup suggestions to get you through every last parade, ball and concert stylishly.

Jaurary Jones Met ball

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Ready to roll at parades

February weather in Louisiana can vary from mild and humid to cold and sleety. (Related #ProTip: wigs are just as warm as some knit caps.) But there’s one thing you can be sure of: between float breakdowns, late starts and the irresistible pull of the festivities, you’ll be outside for hours. For day parades, make sure to protect your tresses from UV rays with Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. And when it comes to styling, a simple ’do is best. Try pulling hair back from your face with a headband—you don’t want hair getting in your eyes and obstructing your view of those glittering beads. For extra costume credit, choose one with whimsical cat ears. A creative take on eyeliner evokes a “lioness eye,” making your look festive but comfortable. Sweep on the liner with the Petal Essence Eye Definer Pencil in jet black and finish with a coat of Mascara.

Rihanna's Hair & Makeup at the Met Ball

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Life’s a ball

If you have the opportunity to go to a Mardi Gras ball, by all means, seize it! These coveted seats aren’t available to everyone. Depending on the organization, the ball could be formal (think old-line krewes that mandate floor-length gowns and white gloves), wild (the MOMs ball is clothing-optional) or anything in between. However, at most balls, a formal gown, updo and full face of makeup are most appropriate. Book an appointment with your stylist now if you plant to go the traditional updo route.

For a more creative spin on formal hair and makeup, take inspiration from Rihanna’s elegant yet inventive Met Gala look. Use rosy hues on the cheeks and eyes—we can point you toward the perfect pairing for you skin tone. Whether you opt for a flipped-up bob or an updo, Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray every hair in place even beyond the last dance. Top it off with a showstopping headpiece. If you lack access to Rihanna’s stylist, get the look by pinning a statement necklace across your hairline.


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Go to the Mardi Gras!

It’s a tradition to mask on Mardi Gras day. Masks are also a quick, simple way to dress for the occasion and still be comfortable and season-appropriate from the neck down. We’re in love with Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl makeup, which combined dramatic black liner and tiny crystals to mimic the shape of a mask. To get the look without spending hours in the bathroom, try a Masque Rage temporary tattoo mask. These beautiful, easy-to-apply tattoos are as comfortable as wearing nothing at all, and look like the work of a true artist. Plus, they’re locally made. The only downside? Removing them is a real pain. However, oils can help break down the bond between your skin and the temporary tattoo. Saturate your face with Tulasara Radiant Oleation Oil, let it sink it for a few minutes, then rub the tattoo off with a warm, damp washcloth.

Ash Wednesday, a day to regroup and repent

Today is all about repentance—which makes it the ideal time to undo any hair sins you might have committed. Treat your tresses a nourishing hair masque like Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque, a leave-in treatment that repairs and protects hair with the power of quinoa protein. And don’t overlook your skin, which is typically one of the first places to show signs of neglect or overindulgence. Botanical Kinetic Intense Hydrating Masque soothes and hydrates stressed skin. Paired with a hot bath and a cup of Aveda Comforting Tea, it’s all you need in order to feel 100 percent again. (But we won’t judge you if you have that last slice of king cake along with your hot cuppa—everything in moderation!)

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