Mane Stage: Three Easy Festival Hair Looks You’ll Love

3 Easy Festival Hair Looks You’ll Love with Hammond Hair Salon Pros

Nowhere is spring more lovely than in southern Louisiana. The air smells like jasmine, the evenings are long, sunshine-filled, and not barbarically hot, and weekends are most likely spent by the water with crawfish and Abita Strawberry.

Nothing captures the spirit of this season quite like the abundance of festivals on the horizon.

If you’re anything like us, you’re already working on your outfits, your crew, and your lineup plan of attack. We’re here to pitch in and help you map out your beauty game.



As a rule of thumb, it will be hot and/or rainy, so keeping your hair in place and off your neck is crucial. Our very own stylist Courtney Bradberry has the perfect formula for a relaxed up-do that does both.

Spray Aveda Air Control hairspray on the roots when hair is wet, then add Confixor Liquid Gel from mid shaft to the ends. Air dry, diffuse, or blow dry. “It gives a nice, matte texture,” says Courtney. (Pro Tip: Try this out even if your styling ends with just this one step. “It preps your hair to feel beachy,” says Courtney.)

Once you’ve prepared accordingly, a standard low-key up-do will have serious staying power. For something new, try a loose low braid. Secure a small section at the nape in a tight ponytail. Braid, then twist up and bobby pin. “Securing those hairs around the neck will keep them tight, so they won’t fall out.”



The crown braid is one of those styles that’s constantly popping up on fashion blogs and Pinterest boards, but always struck as too scary/high maintenance for everyday life. Prettily festival-appropriate? Sure. Worth 30 frustrating minutes trying to see the back of your head in a mirror? Absolutely not. However, the right products and technique make this look much more attainable than you would think.

Aveda’s own Allen Ruiz has the perfect video how-to. It’s easy and it works—we promise. 



This super simple style harnesses the power of the tried and tested bun and adds visual intrigue with wrap-around braids.

Start by running Aveda Control Paste through dry air for extra hold and grip. Separate two small sections of hair at the nape of your neck. Secure the rest with a clip so that it’s out of the way.

Form two thin braids with the strands you’ve separated. Throw the rest of your hair into a bun—and don’t worry if it’s messy. Sleek perfection has its time and place, and they’re not at Jazz Fest.

Wrap the two thin braids around the bun and pin into place. Voila! It’s exactly the bun your hair would have inevitably landed in eventually, with the added bonus of braids to 1. Make it look like you planned this and 2. Keep those short, wispy strands from adhering to your neck.

Finish with a spritz of hairspray to ensure your look has the same staying power you do.

Happy Festing, everyone!