Looks to see and be seen poolside- the 2017 lookbook

Stylish new rooftop and courtyard pools are popping across New Orleans, making the pool more than a place to play. These days, it’s a veritable social scene—somewhere to see and be seen while sipping fruity cocktails and looking fabulous. And there’s the rub: how does one look appropriately fantastic in the sweltering heat, while jumping in and out of water all day long?

The poolside social scene—and its corresponding beauty challenge—inspired Paris Parker’s summer 2017 lookbook. Our creative team kept models picture-perfect over the course of a daylong, summery, partially submerged shoot. Today, creative director Andi Eaton, makeup artist Sasha Ahart and hairstylist Courtney Bradberry share their insider tips so you can achieve the same glow, whether you’re by the pool or out on the town.

The look and location
“We wanted the location to be the trendiest social scene pool we could find, and to incorporate bohemian beauty into the looks,” says creative director Andi Eaton, who selected The Drifter Hotel, a newly renovated mid-century modern hotel where the lounge-y pool is often hung with a disco ball and bisected by a Plexiglass catwalk.

To play off this see-and-be-seen vibe, Andi envisioned boho-glam swimsuits by Ophelia Swimwear, no-fuss hair and minimal makeup.

Palm Drifter Hotel

source: Paris Parker

How to achieve that natural glow
Good poolside makeup is all about easy, quick summer beauty staples. Makeup artist Sasha Ahart relied on a swipe of Aveda bronzer, tinted moisturizer with SPF and brow pencil. For extra staying power, she suggests layering brow powder with brow pencil.

“It’s very easy, quick makeup,” Sasha says. ”Just something to enhance your look. I really didn’t want strong makeup. I wanted that natural beauty to shine though.”

The latest trend in beauty isn’t about what you put on your skin in the form of makeup—it’s about what you put inside your body, Andi says. Nurturing skin with green juices, adequate sleep, meditation and exercise produces an inner glow that can’t be bought. To play up their radiance. Sasha prepped the models by exfoliating their skin and lips.

“For skin prep I used Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant, which has salicylic acid to remove dead skin cells,” Sasha says. “I used cotton swabs to exfoliate the lips.”

She finished the looks off with sheer coral lip tints, Uruku bronzer in the cheekbones’ hollows and a pop of color at the lashline. The result? “Each girl’s skin is totally glistening,” Andi says.


source: Paris Parker

Wet hair, don’t care
No matter how good your hair looks when you arrive at the pool, it will change over the course of the day as you jump in the water, hop out and hit the deck. The shoot’s styles are all about maximizing this process. They follow the natural progression of a day lounging at the Drifter—and don’t require anyone to keep their heads out of the water.

“We wanted to show how you can create interesting styles with wet hair,” Andi says.

For hairstylist Courtney Bradberry, this meant twists, braids and topknots—simple styles that protect hair while looking cute. Courtney slicked back damp hair, sprayed it with Brilliant Retexturizing Gel for a wet look and worked it into various styles. She applied Brilliant Humectant Pomade around the hairline to keep hair looking wet over the course of the shoot.

“My idea was to have a wet look, like they just got out of the pool,” Courtney says. “For instance, you jump in the pool, then slick your hair out of your face. You hang out with wet hair, and put in a clip to put it out of your face. Then you jump back in the pool and don’t go underwater, so you pull it up. Finally, you wrap a towel around your head and go home.”


source: Paris Parker

Courtney says these looks are more relatable than the overstyled hair she sometimes sees in shows and trade publications. “Someone might see our lookbook shoot and think, ‘I could do this,’” Courtney says,

In fact, the hair, makeup and overall vibe was so relatable, even the team members found themselves wanting to dive into the Drifter’s pool.

“I literally wanted to stay there and have cocktails for the rest of the day,” Sasha says, laughing. ”All that was such a huge inspiration to me.”

We hope you’re equally inspired to lounge, sip, swim and play in the sun. Fortunately, summer doesn’t ever really end in New Orleans—it just gets less intense. Check out the rest of the lookbook photos by Ollie Alexander—and see you at the pool


source: Paris Parker


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