Inspiration & Creativity: A Snapshot of Life at Paris Parker

Natural Hair Salon New Orleans: A Day in the Life of a Hairstylist

The natural hair salon New Orleans gives you the inside scoop on what is it like to be a hair professional working at Paris Parker. Being a hairstylist at Paris Parker isn’t just about cutting hair. To showcase the beauty, work ethic, style and culture surrounding our inspirational journey, we decided to make a video capturing the sound, creativity, laughter, and the love behind what we do.

We sat down with some of our top stylists to dig deeper into their creative backgrounds, hear how they find inspiration, and what it means to them to be a stylist at Paris Parker. The intimacy and honesty are authentic—but it wasn’t always serious. Our stylists have quite a sense of humor that definitely shows. Many knew from a young age they wanted to be a stylist, and have the childhood stories to prove it.

While our finished product makes crafting the perfect video look easy, the creative process for our roughly four-minute video took two weeks of planning, two intensive days of shooting, and additional days to capture drone footage of our locations – because, like a great hairstyle, telling a great story is all about the details.

We embrace creativity and cultivate inspiration at Paris Parker. Being owned and run by an Aveda distributor, we strive for excellence, and we have hairstylists who walk that walk every day. It’s about keeping a balance between the art of hair and the nurturing of people – stylists have to do both simultaneously. In the video, you’ll hear stylists list names of celebrity stylists they’ve worked with at major events, including New York Fashion Week, and then describe the feeling of making a guest’s day by helping them look and feel beautiful.

Interested in a career at Paris Parker? Head over to our careers page to learn more. And keep checking back for more videos about who we are. The natural hair salon New Orleans is here. Ask us questions about working for Paris Parker.