How To Get The Best Haircut of your Life at Paris Parker

Getting A Haircut That You’ll Always Remember At Paris Parker Salon & Spa

The perfect haircut—it’s seemingly elusive and highly coveted. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably seen an Instagram photo of someone with a killer look and immediately thought “I WANT THAT”. But there are a lot of factors that go into a new haircut, from your routine and lifestyle to your hair’s texture and color. Luckily, we have over 25 years of experience in delivering expert cuts, so we have some insight on how to make sure every cut is one you absolutely adore and can’t wait to selfie. We sat down with Jill English, our Hair Design & Updo Specialist to get her tips to get the best haircut of your life.


We cannot stress this enough: consultation is key! Thankfully, all of our hair appointments come with a complimentary pre-service consultation. Our expert stylists need to know all the details so we can provide you with the right advice on whether this new look is feasible. Don’t be surprised when we ask you a ton of questions—how long have you considered this new style? What is your styling routine? Do you want a look that is easy to style and requires minimal product? Or do you love spending time glamming up in the morning? These questions will help us get a better idea of what type of style will be best.

Another thing to bring to your consultation besides an open mind—photos! Bring us pictures of the looks you love from several different angles. And, bring us pictures of the looks you hate! Jill says, “Sometimes photos of what you do NOT want are just as important as your wants.” If you need some hair photo inspo, head to our Pinterest page (we’ve got over 600 pins to help you figure out what you love).


While a pink textured bob with bangs sounds amazing (and looks killer), it’s important to make sure your desired look is actually feasible for your lifestyle and routine. For example, certain looks take time and styling products to create, so if you are the type to roll out of bed after pressing snooze 14 times (no judgment—we’ve all been there), you probably don’t want a look that requires 30 minutes of prep in the mornings.

Another thing to consider with your lifestyle is length. Jill says, “The biggest misconception is that shorter hair is easier”, but short hair typically needs to be styled daily, whereas longer lengths can be pulled back into chic ponytails and breezy braids. So, for people who need the option to pull their hair back often (we’re looking at you, moms) a longer length may be more suited to your lifestyle. Side note: if that pink textured bob with bangs isn’t a good fit, we highly encourage you to get a pink bob wig and use it for every Mardi Gras and Halloween opportunity.


It’s not all about length when it comes to your cuts—color and texture play a big role in achieving certain looks. If you are seeking a look with lots of dimension, you’ll probably want to consider dimensional coloring like highlights and balayage to complement the cut and bring out the layers.

The texture of your hair should also be considered; is your hair naturally thin? Curly and thick? Somewhere in between? These factors will all affect your cut and the way you style it. For thin hair, short length and interior layering can give the illusion of fuller locks. VoMor tape-in extensions are also a great option for thin hair—a few placed strategically around the sides of your face can effortlessly fill in the space and make hair look and feel much thicker and fuller. For thicker hair, we recommend longer lengths expertly blended with long layering.


We don’t mean to brag (well, maybe a little), but we seriously have some of the best stylists in the business here at Paris Parker. They have the experience, education and creativity that make them true industry experts. We also use the best products the beauty industry has to offer, from top tools to our Aveda color line. So, Jill says “once a plan is established, trust your stylist and their profession to give you the best haircut of your life!” Once you find a stylist you trust, big and small changes in your look become a lot easier (and more fun).

Ready to get the best haircut of your life? We are ready to make it happen. Book your next appointment and consultation online, call us at 877-TRU-GIFT, or visit us at any of our 9 locations.