Be A Bombshell at the Beach

How To Be A Bombshell At The Beach With Aveda Skin Products

Nailing your beauty game at the beach is something that years of heavily filtered, sunshine-filled advertisements have led us to believe is blessedly simple. You can now achieve the look you’ve always wanted with out aveda skin products. We all know that the reality looks a lot more like tangled hair, chapped skin, and makeup that no longer works once it leaves its home turf. We can’t promise perfection, we can get you a whole lot closer—or at least to the point where your only worry is whether to spring for a Piña Colada or a Margarita. Follow along with Paris Parker Salon & Spa for the inside scoop!


While it may seem that only Gisele can maintain goddess-like beach hair at the actual beach, there are products and style that can get folks like us very close to sunny salty perfection.

Try a laid-back up-do with a French braid to spice things up (and keep them in place). It’s easier than you think. Just start at the hairline, gathering enough hair from the top of the head to begin a standard braid. As you go, just gather a bit of additional hair and add to each section before crossing over. (Here’s a video demonstration.)

Follow this technique on the side of your head you want the braid, then finish at the nape of the neck. Tie into a coolly messy bun and you’re ready to go. Bonus: works better with hair that has a bit of grit and hold. (Hello, saltwater!)

beach hair


And don’t forget, styling product is your friend. Paris Parker stylist Tatum Neill recommends Texture Cream for taming frizz on dry hair. Put it on before you head out for happy hour—“It’s perfect for humid summer afternoons.”


No one can provide a one size fits all skincare routine, but we can point you toward some of our favorite products to eliminate your beach skincare woes. If your skin falls in the normal to dry range, use Aveda Balancing Infusion to revitalize sun and salt-stressed skin. It contains pure flower and plant essences to rehydrate, normalize oil production, soothe, energize, and moisturize.

If your skin is already oily or acne-prone, opt for Aveda’s Outer Peace Cooling Masque instead. This will also work to soothe and calm skin, but with cooling, lightweight aloe in place of the Balancing Infusion’s heavier oils. Just don’t apply it while wearing your new silk sundress —the formula can stain certain fabrics.

aveda masque

Source: Aveda

And for the love of all things good and beautiful, don’t forget the SPF. Go for the big guns if you’ll be outside or on the water, and for the day to day, Aveda Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 15 does the trick—and adds just enough sheer coverage, no one will be able to tell you’re actually wearing makeup. Bringing us to our next point…


The key to summer makeup (particularly in this semi-tropical corner of the country) is subtle, subtle, subtle. Your best bet is easy dashes of color that you can apply on the go without fear of clown-like results. For lips, opt for Aveda Nourish-Mint Sheer Lip Color in a poppy shade like Sheer Peony.

Aveda Uruku Bronzer will give your skin the sun-kissed sparkle you will not be obtaining via the actual sun, because SPF, all things good and beautiful, etc. One quick sweep across your cheekbones and nose should do it—no high-risk contouring needed this season.

Swipe on a quick coat of mascara in dark brown or black. Skip the eyeliner for an effortless look, but not the eyeshadow: A dab of Aveda Petal Essence Single Eye Color in Illumination at the eye’s inner corners will give the impression that the sun is still dancing off the water and lighting up your eyes, long into the night.

Enjoy your summer, beach goddesses! If you’re ready to get your aveda skin products, then visit one of our locations today!