Aveda Pure Privilege — Win A Luxury Trip to Antigua

“Okay…what’s the catch?” This is the question our guest Lisa, in Mandeville, kept asking when she was told she had earned enough Pure Privilege points to take a free vacation for two to Antigua. There was no catch—over the course of six years as a Aveda Pure Privilege member and an Aveda lover, she had accumulated the magic number of 50,000 points, which entitled her and her husband to a luxurious three-night vacation at the Sugar Ridge Resort in Antigua. Even as she booked the trip with the friendly folks at Aveda, she was thinking it was all too good to be true—how on earth was she getting a free vacation for simply using Aveda products?

But it was real, and it was the trip of a lifetime. Read on to hear about Lisa’s Antiguan adventure, and how you could earn a trip, too.

Luxury Trip to Antigua

The beautiful Caribbean beaches in Antigua. Source: Lisa’s Blog

BUY AVEDA, GET REWARDS aka Aveda Pure Privilege

If you aren’t familiar with Pure Privilege, let us catch you up. Aveda’s rewards program gives you points for every Aveda product purchase you make. The points are redeemable for a wide variety of things; from products, to spa experiences, to fine jewelry, to luxury getaways all over the world. The more points you accumulate, the bigger your prizes get!


Lisa’s journey to Antigua actually started six years ago when her niece started working at Paris Parker and signed her up for Pure Privilege. At first, she did not pay much attention to the points she was racking up, she was just purchasing her favorite Aveda products and the points were automatically being added to her account. One day, as she was checking out, the front desk manager excitedly mentioned how close she was to 50,000 points—and Lisa, a lover of traveling, set her sights on Antigua. Once she got the points, booking the trip was incredibly smooth—the folks at Aveda took care of all the details. Lisa just called the Pure Privilege number (1-800-230-8051) and told them the dates that worked for her and her husband.

Lisa and her husband on the beach in Antigua

Lisa and her husband on the beach in Antigua. Source: Lisa’s Blog

They arrived at the Sugar Ridge Resort on a Thursday afternoon and were immediately blown away by the beauty of the space. They were greeted with friendliness and hospitality from everyone they encountered, from the workers at the resort to the locals, to their fellow vacationers. They ate delicious, fresh meals at local restaurants, enjoyed a private island tour, drank coconut water (straight from the coconut), experienced Aveda spa massages and relaxed on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

What really stood out to Lisa was the warm and welcoming nature of everyone on the island. Going to a new country can be slightly intimidating, but she says, “Everyone was so welcoming, they went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and happy. I’ve never experienced that level of hospitality.” Lisa and her husband also connected with their fellow travelers from all over the world, all of whom were also there because of Aveda. You can read all about Lisa’s trip on her blog!


Enjoying a romantic dinner

Enjoying a romantic dinner. Source: Lisa’s Blog

So now you’re probably wondering how you can get to Antigua (or the UK, or Orange County, California). And the answer is surprisingly simple—just sign up for Pure Privilege, then shop your favorite Aveda products! If you need some inspo, Lisa recommends trying the Rosemary Mint lotion and Smooth Infusion shampoo and conditioner, her personal faves. And her biggest tip on how to make it to that coveted 50,000-point threshold? Pay attention to the double (and triple) point offers! Several times throughout the year, we run promotions where you can get bonus points, and we always send out an email to let you know about it. So be sure you are on our email list so you can stay in-the-know.

It’s easy to monitor your points with your Pure Privilege account. We will track your points for you, send you updates and share new ways to earn points. Sign up for your Pure Privilege account here, or stop by any of our locations and we can help!


We have good news for anyone inspired by Lisa’s story—there are lots of options to rack up the points now through the holidays. Through November 23, you’ll get 500 bonus Pure Privilege points with the purchase of any two-holiday gift sets. And, from November 24 through December 3, get double points with all your purchases. So if you are thinking of giving Aveda this holiday season, the deal just got a lot sweeter.

Luxury trip to Antigua

So, would Lisa do it all over again? Yes! She has her sights set on another 50,000 points and a luxury trip to the UK next time. And she will definitely enjoy the journey to 50,000 points—she savors her time at Paris Parker. She says, “You just can’t buy what you get there. They make you feel welcome, they have the best products, space and spa is fresh and clean, and you are rewarded for every purchase.”

Holiday Gift Sets

Aveda Holiday Gift Sets: Get 5,000 points when you buy two gift sets through November 23. Source: Aveda Instagram

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Want to see what Lisa means? Book your next experience with us online, or stop by and see us to say hello. Happy travels!