Halloween Hair Without the Scare

Baton Rouge Hair Salon: Halloween Hair Without the Scare

Admit it—you’ve had the countdown to Halloween on your mind since the middle of the summer, haven’t you? Well, the best Baton Rouge Hair Salon has some news for you! Hot-girl summer is over, and it’s officially the season of spooky. And with Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to start ruminating on one of the most important decisions of the year: your costume. We’ve got three costumes with iconic hair styles that you can rock for Halloween—and how Paris Parker can help you get them!

1. Winnifred Sanderson

Ever since Hocus Pocus enchanted us as kids, this look, in particular, put a spell on us. I mean, sure, Winne Sanderson sucked the souls out of children to keep herself young, but that iconic red hair in that voluminous sassy up-do almost makes it forgivable! If you’ve always wanted to go red or if you’re looking to punch up your existing red with some Aveda Vibrants color, Winnie Sanderson’s iconic look is the way to do it.


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This Aveda Vibrants shade “Poppy” is perfect for a Winnie Sanderson costume.

To style, tease and curl the hair to give it volume and separate into two sections. Then form two buns on the left and right high on your head and pin them into place. It’s that easy!

2. Dorothy Gale

If a color change is a bit too intimidating of a commitment, Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz has a look that’s so iconic, you can pull it off no matter what hair color you’re currently rocking. Use a wand or a curling iron to give some gentle curls to your hair. Separate into two sections on either side of your head and secure whichever side you aren’t working on with a ponytail to keep it out of the way. Grab a section at the top front part of your hair and gently twist backward along your hairline. When you get even with the back of your ear, grab the whole half of your hair and start braiding, pulling the hair forward so it sits at the front. When you get level with your collar bone, tie off the braid and add a blue ribbon for an extra-wholesome approach! Visit our Baton Rouge hair salon or see one of our locations in New Orleans if you need help getting your hair, Halloween ready!


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3. Robin from Stranger Things

We all know Robin’s bob in Stranger Things was the true star of the season (now that we’ve managed to recover from the Steve Harrington swoop). This cut and color combo is a look that you’d be happy to sport outside of spooky season and is work-appropriate—whether you’re at Scoops Ahoy or a regular 9-5! Just add the nautical-themed uniform of the ice cream shop and you’re good to go!


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Just add water—er—costume! This iconic hairstyle is perfect for fighting Russian scientists and/or Halloween festivities.


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Because you’ve got as much time for a Halloween costume as Robin has for Steve’s shenanigans.

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