Hair Dresser In New Orleans Courtney Bradberry Featured in Cue Magazine

How to get beach waves with a professional hair stylist in New Orleans

CUE’s  turns to Paris Parker stylist Courtney Bradberry to show you how to create perfect-10 beach waves. “A Haird stylist in New Orleans share tips and tricks for beach hair anywhere”.

Originally seen on and in Cue Magazine, July 2015

Tousled, beachy waves are the quintessential summer ‘do. You don’t need to live on oceanfront property to achieve the undone look. It’s all about building texture with a matte finish, without using heat tools.

“Beachy hair is probably one of the most popular looks right now,” says Katie Bellerino, owner of Glow Hair and Beauty Bar. “It definitely means something different to everybody, depending on how naturally wavy the person’s hair is.”

This style works best with hair that hasn’t been washed for a day, but anyone can do it, even those without a natural wave.

Aveda Hair Products For Beautiful Beach Waves

“The trick is to brush your hair out, making it big and frizzy before you put texturizer in it,” says Courtney Bradberry, hair designer and up-do specialist at Paris Parker Aveda Salon and Spa.

1. Unite Beach Day texturizing spray

Bellerino applies Unite Beach Day texturizing spray to get the undone look. “It’s a very wet sea salt spray that you put in dry hair.”

2. Aveda’s Confixor liquid gel

Bradberry creates texture with Aveda’s Confixor liquid gel, a lightweight styling gel. She applies the Confixor to her fingertips, rubs them together and massages the scalp.

“Put it right on the roots, so the ends are piecey,” Bradberry says.

Continue to work the gel through the hair, Bradberry says, scrunching lightly as if you’re crinkling paper. Do not run your fingers through your hair, as that will cause it to lose volume. If the ends are dry, add a little oil.

3. Ultimate wave cream gel

For thicker, medium-textured hair, Mariposa Salon and Spa owner Brenda McField separates curls with Paul Mitchell’s Ultimate Wave, a creamy gel. “It keeps the curl together and is humidity resistant,” she says.

4. Aveda’s Air Control Hair Spray

For fine hair, Bradberry suggests an extra step. After the shower, apply Aveda’s Air Control Hair Spray to roots when wet. Add Confixor all over and air dry or blow dry as usual. Then wrap large sections of hair loosely around a curling wand. Brush out hair and scrunch Confixor on the ends and roots.

5. Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Hair Veil

As a finishing product, Bradberry suggests Aveda’s Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, which contains UVA/UVB filters and Vitamin E to protect hair from sun damage.

We hope you enjoyed this short tutorial on how to get beach waves with a hair stylist in New Orleans at Paris Parker Salon & Spa.