Winter Fashion for Women

Fashion for the Winter: Women’s Edition

Winter fashion trends for women are constantly changing. We’re the first to acknowledge that not all runway looks are meant to translate in any way to real-life (Gareth Pugh and your cube heads, we are looking at you). In the same vein, we’re always excited to see the various ways that impactful high-fashion collections can filter onto racks, into closets and out onto the street. Here are some of the winter fashion trends we loved on runways this year, and how to incorporate them into your cold-weather wardrobe without making people wonder about your sanity. Follow along with Paris Parker for the latest trends in fashion for the winter.

1. Winter Coats, Blanket, and Robes

Vast, oversized outerwear took over the 2014 runways in a big way, and we’re fully in favor of any fashion trend that’s has the comfort level of crawling into a sleeping bag. The trick to wearing voluminous coats like this is to pair them with sleek, polished pieces, so it doesn’t look like you swaddled yourself in your bed linens before hitting the street.

Etro, Burberry Prorsum, Roberto Cavalli (below), DKNY and Leonard, among others, featured blanket cape/coats in their fall/winter collections… If you are wanting to change your look, you can contact the beauty professionals at Paris Parker for help with hairstyles and makeup trends for the winter. We have salons in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Hammond, and Mandville, Louisiana. 877.TRU.GIFT


… and here’s SJP strolling the NYC sidewalks in her monogrammed Burberry.


Naturally, we’re all about coats that make you look like you’re heading to a relaxing day at the spa. Altuzarra, Creatures of the Wild, Donna Karan (below) and Christian Siriano all sent robe coats down the runway.


… and here’s Kim K sporting one in Paris.


2. Velvet Clothes For Women

Velvet clothes for women will always be stylish. Velvet hasn’t ever really gone out of style since Elizabeth I rocked it (she really did), but this year’s fashion shows, in particular, were shot through with the opulent fabric in a big way. Elie Saab, Viktor & Rolf, Jason Wu (below), Emporio Armani, Reem Acra, Donna Karan … just a few of the designers who chose to glam up their collections with velvet.


We’re all about getting velvet into our winter wardrobe because, as noted, it’s never out of style — and it immediately brightens up a look.

It can add a dash of glam to street style, in the form of velvet leggings

… it can go cocktail, as Cara Delevigne showed at the Vogue & J Crew London Fashion Week party in September …


or show up the red carpet, as it did on Khloe Kardashian in October.


3. Gothic Outfits and Styles

Now hear us out. Going goth doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in a dark room and channeling your inner Morticia Addams. Darkly glamorous is where it’s at, as Balmain (below), Emporio Armani, Erdem, Katie Gallagher, Alberto Ferretti (second), and Marios Schwab showed. Visit fashion nova for more cute styles.



Rihanna is clearly on board the goth train, looking gorgeously sinister in Jean Paul Gaultier during Paris Fashion Week  …


… but really, goth doesn’t need to be eeeevil. For instance, we’re super charmed by this cute goth GoodGoth “So Different” trenchcoat:


… and we might just incorporate some ripped black skinny jeans into our next night out.


Or, spice up an LBD with goth-inspired hosiery. Bam. Instant edge.


4. Winter Muffs for Hands

Okay, so the last time you saw a muff in action was on your American Girl Samantha doll, or on a pack of winter bridesmaids. Brace yourselves, then, because they’re baaack … as proven by Tory Burch (#1, below), Celine, Alexis Mabile, and Balenciaga (#2).



Such a fun and cool way to glamour up a cold-weather outfit. On Etsy, we found this cute faux fur muff paired with this little black velvet (see above) capelet, imparting an instantly cool vintage vibe:


Besides faux fur, the other best way to rock a fashion-forward hand cozy is to opt for a big thick cable-knit muff, as in this one by Moroshka:


5. Winter Pastels

No, it’s not spring yet. Pantone says pastels are hot for winter, so it must be true.


Here they are in all their wintry glory: lavender (Rebecca Taylor), baby blue (Tibi), pink (Ralph Lauren), yellow (Topshop).





Mix two trends with this voluminous coat in seafoam green. Latté not included (but highly recommended).


We hope you have as much fun playing with these trends as we have. Stay warm — and stay chic!