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Mane Stage: Three Easy Festival Hair Looks You’ll Love

3 Easy Festival Hair Looks You’ll Love with Hammond Hair Salon Pros Nowhere is spring more lovely than in southern Louisiana. The air smells like jasmine, the evenings are long, sunshine-filled, and not barbarically hot, and weekends are most likely spent by the water with crawfish and Abita Strawberry. Nothing captures the spirit of this season quite…


Bold Aveda Makeup Looks For The Winter Time

Aveda Makeup: Winter Makeup Looks Aveda makeup will take your look to greater heights! When the mercury drops and the scarves and boots go on, it’s time to revamp your winter makeup palette. The It Girls strutting the runways and red carpets right now are most definitely defying the golden rule, “emphasize either the eyes…


Beyond Emily Post: Hair Salon Etiquette for Every Visit

The Ultimate Hair and Beauty Salon Etiquette Guide This is the only hair and beauty salon etiquette guide you will ever need! We’ve looked into it, and unfortunately, Emily Post never wrote about the proper way to conduct oneself at the salon. That being said, we often hear questions regarding beauty etiquette that plague even…