Trending Women Aveda Hairstyles in 2020

Top Aveda Women Hairstyles in 2020

While polished perfection in hairstyling has its time and place, summer with its unavoidable heat and humidity renders such pursuits completely impractical. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on looking glam. Here are our favorite summer hairstyles that make the “unfinished” look work for you—with two or less products and minimal time commitment. From boho braids to re-imagined ponies, we have the effortlessly chic looks that will keep you looking and feeling fresh through the long summer days (and nights). Follow along with Paris Parker.

1. Side-Swept Pony

side-swept pony

We love it for: Steamy nights out when keeping your hair off the nape of your neck becomes priority numero uno. Mornings when you make best friends with your snooze button.

How-to: Spritz a texturizing spray such as Aveda Volumizing Tonic throughout dry hair and gather over one shoulder in a low pony. Tightly wind a ½ inch section of hair around the elastic, tucking the ends underneath and securing with a bobby pin. If you have an extra moment and feel like amping up the volume, use a 1½ inch curling iron to create waves, then brush out for a natural look. Finish with a flexible hold hairspray – you know we love Aveda Air Control.


2. Braided Up-do

braided up-do

We love it for: Music Festivals, summer weddings, or a day on the boat. Anytime you need to keep your locks in place but a been-there-done-that topknot just won’t cut it.

How-to: No one makes this softly romantic style feel easier or more approachable than Aveda’s Allen Ruiz. Check it out here.


3. Beach Waves

Beach Waves

We love it for: Al fresco dinner dates, sunny bike cruises, or, um, need we say it – a day at the beach?

How-to: We’ve got you covered. Check out last month’s blog post for our favorite methods to achieve this enviable look.








4. Blunt Cut, Add Waves

Blunt Cut, Add Waves

We love it for: Adding thickness to fine hair. This look is au courant in trend-setting circles everywhere, largely because it is pretty much universally flattering. Bonus: can handle any summer activity you throw at it, from browsing your favorite farmers market to bridal shower brunching.

How-To: Ask your stylist to cut your hair to one length with a bit of back cutting thrown in to keep things from looking too severe. For a fun new waves method, try using duck clips! With hair nearly (we’re talking 97%) dry, roll into coils with your finger. Clip into place and allow to fully dry while you finish your morning routine. Shake out, spray with Be Curly Curl Enhancing Spray for all day hold + frizz and humidity control, and you’re on your way!


5. Fishtail


We love it for: Honestly? Everything. This look has earned a continuing blip on our trend radar for its versatility and all-day staying power. Rock it with cutoffs and a panama hat for an easy daytime chic look, or come sundown, pair it with something flowy and embellished for the boho-luxe wow factor.

How-to: Emulsify a texturizer (try Control Paste) in your hands and work throughout hair to add texture and hold. Divide hair into two equal sections. Pull a thin strand from the outside of one section, cross over to join the other section, and pull tight. Repeat on the opposite side and continue. When finished, secure with a clear elastic. For a looser look, gently pull the sections apart after securing braid. Finish with Brilliant Medium Hold Hairspray to keep flyaways at bay and defend your hair from the tropical-grade humidity.


6. Tousled Pixie

Tousled Pixie

We love it for: Sporty-chic girls on the go. You didn’t think we’d leave you out of this round-up, did you? This looks transitions flawlessly from day to night and requires little more than a finger fluffing to increase its mileage.

How To: The most foolproof method we’ve found for making your pixie cut the stuff of Claire Underwood’s dreams can be found right here.