Aveda Taps Paris Parker’s Tatum Neill as North American Artistic Director: Social Media


We’re proud to announce that Paris Parker Creative Director Tatum Neill was recently named North American Artistic Director, Social Media for Aveda, where he’ll educate other Aveda stylists on creating and marketing content for social media.

Recently, Tatum inspired thousands of Aveda stylists at Aveda Congress (a weekend of education and hair shows) with an on-stage presentation he created with the help of a team of Paris Parker stylists.

Pushing Boundaries


At Congress, Tatum’s goal was to be somewhat disruptive. “I wanted to do something on-trend as it relates to social media,” he says. “What’s happening on social media is pre-magazines, pre-editorial…it’s what’s coming out raw in the hair world.”

Tatum is also a DJ and founder of Elevate, an innovative education platform for hair stylists. Tapping into that, his presentation was rooted in DJ culture and different than what audiences usually see at hair shows—putting fashion and music first.

“I feel like they can be an afterthought, so I brought in a real fashion stylist from New York and created a mix of music that included some new stuff,” he says. “It was music and fashion-driven, and the hair followed.”

The hair that followed featured vibrant shades, short, extreme hair and mullets.

“Mullet Monday is the most engaged content on Elevate Hair’s platform,” he says. “So we started with precision bobs, went into a mullet demo and then followed with crops.”

Translating Avant Garde to Everyday


The Paris Parker team members who worked with Tatum all had a voice in the presentation and returned to the salon with their creative energy refueled.

While not a lot of clients are requesting mullets in the salon, Tatum says creating extreme looks serve a greater purpose when it comes to working on Paris Parker guests.

“We can see small things that speak to the more extreme trends, like wearing shorter pieces around the face,” he says. “But for most clients, we’re talking about long layers and long bobs. That’s why Elevate and Congress are so critical—it’s really important as hairdressers that we find time to express ourselves creatively.”

Nonetheless, Tatum maintains 2019 is a very exciting time to be a hairdresser. “Some trends have become more mainstream,” he says. “For example, it’s more socially acceptable to have pink hair.

And Instagram has given a platform to stylists that allows for us to become local celebrities, effective marketers and choose our career aesthetics.”

Tatum’s influence at Paris Parker is felt by every stylist, which trickles down to the guests in our chairs every day.

“You need a stylist who has pushed the boundaries and is engaged in the avant garde world to encourage you to take that extra inch off or tell you where foil placement is trending, or to try some layers,” he says. “We know how to make sure your look is fresh, current and up to date.”